Vegas Vacation – Day 4

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Mr. Wonderful and I enjoyed breakfast on the roof deck at Margaritaville. Despite its name, they don’t serve margaritas at breakfast, so I had my first Bloody Mary with Patrón. And salt. I was pretty sure the salt was burning a hole in my throat. We also had huge omelets and yummy hash browns! I was fully liquoredgeared up for a day at the dodgeball courts. While we were on the roof deck, we experienced another Vegas first – a freakin’ rain storm! That’s right, we went to the desert in August and had rain. When you add the rain to the misters on the deck, we were getting pretty wet. It rained for at least a half hour, until we got to the dodgeball tournament.


Through some weird coincidence, it was a Burgundy/Geoducks matchup in co-ed foam ball. The team was psyched to play a team that we actually liked. The game was a best out of five elimination. Long story short, Burgundy took the Geoducks to five games, but dropped the last one and got knocked out of the tournament. Then there was a lot of waiting, one run to Starbies by yours truly, and then Burgundy vs. the Canucketeers in open foam ball. After dropping all three games nice and early, we were done. Most of the team decided they were dodgeballed out and opted to leave. We hugged the Geoducks goodbye and made it back to the Flamingo and the Sin City Brewing Company. The team drowned their sorrows in beer while I tried the Sloth, which was delicious despite the lack of gummy worm that was in the description. While we were sitting at the bar, Mr. Wonderful managed to win himself $100 in video poker. Yippee!


I was so excited about dinner. (You’re not surprised, right?) I had done some research before we left about the best places to eat in Vegas. One of my favorite Food Network shows is Best Thing I Ever Ate, where your favorite Food Network chefs show you delicious meals at various restaurants around the country. On Best Thing I Ever Ate With Chopsticks, Giada recommended the Drunken Noodles with Chicken at Wazuzu. I’ve never known Giada to lead me astray, so I pushed hard to take the group there for dinner. They didn’t take reservations, so it was a crap shoot (HA!) but at 6pm, we called ahead and found that there was no wait. We hadn’t ventured to The Wynn/Encore yet and it was easily the most gorgeous casino we visited. I’m sure the rooms are way outside my price range, but what a nice place to visit!

See, the Wynn is pretty! It has Christmas lights!

Dinner was wonderful. I really couldn’t decide what to order. I asked our server, Andy, for a recommendation, which wasn’t helpful at all since, of course, all their meals are equally wonderful. In the end, I let Giada down and ordered the Lo Mein. It was awesome. Mr. Wonderful got the Nasi Goreng, which he really liked but was a little too spicy for my taste. You get to pick your level of spiciness on your entrée, which I thought was pretty interesting. There were a few drunken noodle orders at our table, and everyone spoke highly of it. Our waiter overheard Erica say that her meal was spicy and offered to remake it. He was generally concerned, though Erica wasn’t complaining at all. Nonetheless, I thought that was really nice of him.

Check out this dragon! Awesome decor!

Ellis Island
or Why You Shouldn’t Get Casino Recommendations from a Game Show
or Why You Shouldn’t Leave the Strip
Several months ago, Mr. Wonderful and I were watching One Hundred Ways to Leave a Game Show, when the question came up about which one of these three is not a casino in Las Vegas: Atlantic City, Ellis Island or Casino Royale. We immediately thought Ellis Island would be a terrible name for a casino because, well, we’ve been to Ellis Island and it’s mostly full of despair. Sure, it’s the gateway to a world of opportunity, but in and of itself, it doesn’t look like any fun. It turns out, we were wrong. (It’s Atlantic City, in case you were wondering.) We immediately found Ellis Island’s website and learned that they are known for being an awesome brewery/casino/karaoke bar. That’s a winning combination if I’ve ever heard of one so we talked the team into taking a trip. That’s where it mostly went to hell.

The best thing about Ellis Island is that five beers and one So-Co and root beer were $13. After we lost lots of money at the craps tables, roulette and video poker (except Erica, who managed to get $60 for a full house), I really wanted to do karaoke. Before I met Mr. Wonderful, I was doing karaoke at least once a week at Oriental Gardens. A lot has changed between then and now and I don’t do karaoke nearly as often. But Ellis Island had my signature song in the books (Fergalicious, obviously) so I put it in and waited. There weren’t enough seats in the bar, so we stood by the door and waited. And waited. After about a half hour, I checked in with the DJ and found I was 16 people back. 16! Yikes! So we left. If you’ve ever been excited about something and then looked at your group of friends only to find that they look absolutely miserable, you know why. I couldn’t subject six other people to that when they clearly weren’t having any fun. But I was upset about it. When I got outside of the casino, I realized that we weren’t on the Strip, so there wouldn’t be cabs waiting to take us back to the hotel. So I started walking. It was just a bad end to what should have been a good night. Win some, lose some, I guess.

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