Vegas Vacation – Day 3

Friday was Dodgeball day. It started right after breakfast and lasted, um, all day.

It’s cute how eager they are!

If you’ve seen the Dodgeball movie, you’d be strongly disappointed when you got to the Tarkanian Basketball Academy. First of all, it’s a small space for a lot of people. The Basketball Academy has 4 courts. Dodgeball took up two courts and a basketball camp took up the other two. Holy crowded, Batman! Also, it was not aired on ESPN The Ocho and no, Cotton and Pepper weren’t announcing.

Friday was all about seeding. Each team gets about an hour to play two other teams and the amount of wins you get determines your seeding for the next tournament. Our team, Burgundy, was registered for two divisions – open foam ball and co-ed foam ball. There were plenty of other leagues, including all-female and rubber balls. In our case, the co-ed round robin was lackluster as the was some type of misunderstanding and we only had to play one team, the Geoducks from Washington State. You know how fun it is to watch an hour of dodgeball between the same two teams with no real outcome? Not very much fun, thanks for asking. I played a lot of cell phone games.

I should mention, these teams are intense. Our team just wore their regular league dodgeball shirt with last-minute numbers screen printed on the front. Other teams had full-out designer t-shirts, shorts, etc. The Geoducks had t-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks and rally towels printed with their logos. The team names were pretty awesome. Sparkle Mafia, Canucketeers, Dodge Dolls, Pimp & Hand Strong were just a few of the teams we met. We were one of the few teams that weren’t wearing long socks and knee pads. We saw lots of elbow and wrist guards too. In case you were wondering exactly what we were up against:

Holy crap, huh?

When that was over, chaos ensued. They called it Last Dodgeballer Standing. From the non-player perspective, it looked like a crap-ton of people divided on two sides of a basketball court, throwing and screaming and barely moving because they’re packed like sardines. Apparently on the court, it wasn’t much better. There were no teams so you could get anyone out, including people two inches from you. After that, the recreation league started. Remember when you were at summer camp and you got to learn random field games? Yeah, it was like that.

By this point, I’m starving. The snack bar sold candy, Gatorades, popcorn, nachos and hot dogs. None of that is on the diet. When the open foam ball round robin started, I’d lost my patience. I crossed the street to Palace Station and went immediately to Starbucks. Being from Boston somehow got me an extra squirt of caramel. Thanks Armando! After I finished my parfait, I was faced with a decision. Go back to dodgeball or be the sketchy single girl at the craps tables. So, craps tables it is. My mere presence cleared out the first table, so I made my way to the other table. After a few ups and downs, I decided to cash out when Mr. Wonderful called. I think I played for an hour or so before the text message came in. I threw some chips on the table as a tip and bee-lined to the cashier. I was up $2 over what I put in. YAY me!

Friday night was the dodgeball banquet back at Palace Station. This is where the magic happens. It looks like every sports banquet you went to in high school, except with drink tickets. There was a slide show from earlier in the day and speeches from the board of directors. It was fun to see all the teams together. There were teams from everywhere – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, New York, etc. We were the furthest East team, but certainly not the furthest traveled. Also, the Palace Station has delicious meatballs. Who knew?

We clean up well! (Also, I’m wearing a bridesmaid dress after the wedding. Another first!)

Afterwards, we went back to Bill’s for more late night gambling. Since casinos are huge black holes for time, we stayed out far too late.

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One Response to Vegas Vacation – Day 3

  1. Tara Salvi says:

    I forgot to mention the best part! On our way home from Bill’s, I think we saw a taping of Cops. At least, we’re pretty sure we saw prostitutes getting arrested and then a camera crew came running over. The thing that really threw me off was that there was a female “officer” wearing booty shorts and crazy high heels. So did we see a taping of Reno 911? Not sure…

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