Vegas Vacation – Day 2

A little delayed, I know, but I wanted tell you about the rest of my Las Vegas vacation. Also, I didn’t want to run the risk of forgetting about it…

Show Ticket Jackpot
We woke up early for the sake of getting discount tickets to Ka. Honestly, getting tickets couldn’t have gone smoother. We had talked prior to getting in line that our first choice would be Ka and our second choice would be Love. We needed a later show to accommodate the first of the dodgeball activities, namely registration and the captains’ meeting. We got into the VIP line behind two other couples right when Tix 4 Tonight opened. (Pro tip: You receipt from the previous day’s sale gets you line privileges. Honestly, if you went one night and didn’t get your top choice, I would totally buy tickets to a cheaper show for that night in order to get the VIP access for the next day.) Checking the board of available shows, we figured out that the only Cirque show available was the 9pm showing of Ka. How perfect is that? Could we possibly get 7 tickets for our first choice show at our first choice time? Heck ya! But could we all sit together? Mm-hmm, thanks to special permission at the MGM Grand’s box office! You know you’re in luck when someone in Vegas tells you it’s your lucky day.

After that magic, our next stop was the Bellagio brunch. With the new diet, dining out has been a challenge. Being in a frenzy of awesome breakfast foods wasn’t easy, but I managed to make some healthy choices. Mr. Wonderful got french toast. Win some, lose some I guess! I’m not sure if it was the best omelet I’ve ever had, but it was close. (Pro tip: During the week, mimosas cost $15. On weekends, adding the champagne brunch is an extra $5, on top of the extra $9 they charge you on the weekends.) The service is also superb. We tried to pay for the coffee and orange juice. Nope. Included.

Walking Drinks
Once we got the rest of the team, we went back to Paris for lunch. (Well, their lunch. We were still stuffed from breakfast.) We decided to get drinks for the road. In Vegas, almost every bar has slushy machines full of your choice of frozen beverage. The bartender adds alcohol and Voila! drinks for the road. Since I like to be difficult and the Lime in the Coconut margarita is my favorite thing to order at Margarita’s, I asked for a combo piña colada/margarita. No go. Apparently you can’t mix rum and tequila. (The bartender clearly didn’t know me in college.) I didn’t realize at the time that the alcohol wasn’t in it already. I don’t know why she didn’t just ask me to pick one. We’re in Vegas for goodness sake!

We didn’t get the souvenir glasses, but they looked like this:
Any surprise we went with regular plastic cups? (Thanks to Erica S. for her paparazzi credentials!)

The Gambling
The obvious next stop for us was Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon. Bill’s has pretty low table minimums, all things considered. It was the perfect place for us gambling newbies to lose some money and get a little help from the dealers. Mr. Wonderful researched Craps before we left and really wanted to try it. Smart guy. Craps is perfect for big groups because you can almost always get everyone around the same table. None of us had a clue, but the dealers were so nice to help us figure out what to do. We had so much fun, and even came out ahead.

Again, thanks to Erica for this photo!

The Entertainment
After a pretty displeasing dinner and round of gambling at , we made our way to MGM for the show! Ka is a pretty awesome show. My biggest problem is that I like a narrator. The story is set up for you and then you never hear another peep from the guy. So you’re watching and you’re like, “Look, sparkly Tarzan. Wait, he’s dating the imperial daughter? Huh?” I feel like the 7 of us saw 7 different shows as a result. Still, the gymnastics of it were unbeatable. My favorite part was one of the last scenes where there are two guys spinning around what looks like two hamster wheels attached to a windmill. (We find out later that’s called the Wheel of Death. Huh.) The one guy gets outside of the wheel and starts running around the outside. As if that wasn’t scary enough, HE STARTS JUMPING ROPE! Then he loses the jump rope, but don’t worry, some slave throws it back to him and he’s off again. Between the jumps and the thirty foot free falls back the wheel, we were pretty sure we’re about to watch a man’s death. But no. That right there is worth the price of admission.

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One Response to Vegas Vacation – Day 2

  1. Kelocity says:

    Oh my gosh, KA is amazing. That huge fight scene where the floor turns vertical? oh my gosh. There are no words. by far my favorite Cirque Show ever.

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