Vegas Vacation – Day 1

Greetings from Las Vegas! Today marked the first day of our Sin City vacation. We’re here for the National Dodgeball League World Championship, which Mr. Wonderful and 5 of our friends will be playing in over the weekend. I’m here taking advantage of the sun and seeing a new place.

Here’s the recap of our day:

The Flight

Our chariot awaits

I really need to stop booking early morning flights. I get so caught up in the fact that the time difference guarantees us more time at our destination. I booked our honeymoon flight for 7am on the day after our wedding. Rookie mistake, right? No, because we were up at 4am today (well, yesterday now) to catch our 8am flight. At almost exactly Hour 4, I realized (again) why I hate flying. But then I realized that there was absolutely no reason for me to land sober, so I called over the flight attendant. Drinking in mid-air, a new first!

The Weather

Las Vegas in August is H.O.T. hot. It was about 102 degrees today, which, according to a cabbie, is actually cool for them. It’s dry so you can actually move and breathe at the same time, but it’s not pleasant. On our walk between casinos, we made several detours just to enjoy a little air conditioning.

The Hotel
We’re staying in the cheap historical Flamingo hotel. Trip Advisor warned me that the check-in lines were the longest on the Strip and they weren’t kidding. We waited longer to check in at the hotel than at the airport. It was worth the wait. We asked to get a room near our friends and somehow scored a free room upgrade. We overlook the fountains at Caesar’s. Interesting tidbit: our room has laminate flooring. I think it’s my first hotel room without wall-to-wall carpet.

Somewhere in our travels today, we met $1 margaritas. The bartender was the nicest man. He personally thanked us for tipping him. How can you not be psyched about that? I haven’t really had much sugar in the last month or so and this was SO sweet. We grabbed the drinks and headed back out to the Strip. Alcohol to go? Another first!

I’ve wanted to try Aureole since Lisa Garza filmed a promo there during Next Food Network Star Season 4. Here’s why:

Why yes, that is a four-story wine tower where “wine angels” are harnessed and fly around grabbing the bottle you ordered. Crazy. The wine list is on a tablet computer where you use a stylus to pick the varietal and region you’re looking for. We ordered a delicious Malbec of course. It was lovely! The restaurant didn’t disappoint. The service is top-notch. There’s even a “bread guy” who comes by to offer you your choice of bread. I ordered the pork tenderloin, which was yummy. Mr. Wonderful ordered the swordfish that came out perfectly grilled. I thought it tasted pretty good and I don’t even like fish. His meal came with tiny vegetables. I wish I took a picture. I splurged on the crème brûlée for dessert. Again, yummy! The chef sent out tiny dessert selections for the table, which lead us to believe that they clearly have a shrink-ray out back. I was so full when I left! So. Full.

The Entertainment

We were able to buy half-priced tickets to Blue Man Group this afternoon at Tix4Tonight. You can get tickets for lots of shows at these booths. Blue Man Group didn’t disappoint, even thought it was very similar to the show in Boston. It was fun to dress up a little and take in a show. This show makes me want to play the marimba again. Too bad I couldn’t get one of those for the house!

By this point, I’ve been awake for just about 24 hours. I can’t believe I made it this long! 21 year-old me is so proud right now! Tomorrow is a new day with (hopefully) lots of new adventures!

Isn't he handsome? 🙂

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I'm a 30 year old woman living and working in the 'burbs.
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2 Responses to Vegas Vacation – Day 1

  1. jeff says:

    Awesome! Melanie and I are going in December.

  2. Kelocity says:

    Those wine angels are so cool!!!!!

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