A Letter to My Future Children…

Hey Kids,

Your father and I are trying to buy us a house. We live in a one bedroom condo right now and, frankly, we don’t have any room for you here. (In my defense, I barely even knew your dad when I bought it.) We’re having a really hard time deciding on what type of house would be good for us. You see, it’s really difficult since we don’t know you yet. We don’t know who you are or what you’re like. We don’t even know how many of you there are or when you’re coming. We just know that whatever we buy has to be perfect for all of us and that’s no easy task.

We’re concerned about the location. Sure, it has to be within easy driving distance for your dad and I, who work about 50 miles apart from each other. It also has to be located in a good school district so that you can get smart and have good opportunities to go to good colleges and get good jobs. It also has to have a good yard and be in a good neighborhood. Where will we put your swing set? Where will you ride your bikes? Is there enough room for your dad and Papa to teach you how to play hockey (Yes, girls, even you)? We’ve turned up our noses at homes on main roads and small backyards. We’ve driven through neighborhoods to see if we can see basketball hoops hanging over garage doors, a sure sign there are kids nearby.

Then there’s the actual house. Is there space for you to play? Where will you sleep? This one is especially tricky since, like I said, we don’t know how many of you there are. If there are more than two of you, it’s likely that you’ll end up sharing a room. Please don’t be mad about that one. I don’t know what it’s like to share a room since I just have a brother and we had a three bedroom house. But your dad and Uncle Jeff shared a room until high school and they both turned out okay. Is there enough room for you to keep your favorite toys nearby? Will you be able to have sleepovers without driving us crazy? Will I be able to hear you if you try to sneak in or out in the middle of the night? (We seriously turned down a house with a basement bedroom for this very reason.) Can we host your birthday parties? Is there a space where you can do your homework while I make dinner? This last one, for some reason, is really important to me. Unless your homework involves Science, in which case, you’ll have to ask your dad.

We’ve also been trying to make sure that the homes work for us too. I need a nice big kitchen for all my culinary masterpieces. Dad needs a workshop area for his projects. (With our price range, there are going to be lots of projects. Hope you kids are handy!) It better have a garage because I’m kind of a princess when it comes to snow removal (among other things). But it will also be nice to get you in the house without dragging you through the snow. The basement better have lots of storage. We don’t know what kind of hobbies you kids are going to get yourselves into. We just know we’ll need room for your skates!

It’s been kind of a difficult process. Luckily your grandparents have been helping us figure things out. Your Mémé hated the second house we showed her because it didn’t have a place for you to learn how to ride your bikes. We think we’ve found a good one. We haven’t quite made up our minds about it yet (you’ll get used to that) but we’re getting close to a decision. Then we’ll have to see if this sale is meant to be. Try to remember, when you’re slamming the doors and locking your siblings out of rooms, that we really had you in mind when we picked out this house. Or when this house picked us. We’re not quite sure.


About Tara Salvi

I'm a 30 year old woman living and working in the 'burbs.
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