The coolest thing happened the other day.

I finished the book I was reading (There’s Cake in My Future by Kim Gruenenfelder, which was wonderful and you should totally read) on the T. This normally doesn’t happen, but I didn’t realize how close to the end I had gotten when I cracked it open on the way to work. Since I’ve finished Angry Birds (both regular and seasonal), I would have been stuck doing a word search puzzle.

BUT, since I took advantage of an EBAY coupon code (Thanks GottaDeal!) and bought a Nook Color last week (on what may have been my 29 1/2 birthday, but that’s another blog post entirely), I WAS ABLE TO PICK UP ANOTHER BOOK IMMEDIATELY!

I’m both a traditionalist and an early majority adopter. It’s a little bit of a dichotomy if I do say so myself. I’m not usually the first of my friends to get something, but I’m usually not too far behind. I like it when other people figure out the bugs and then I buy in. The traditionalist in me (the one who still buys CDs) likes books. Nice, paper books that I can touch. What good is an eReader when I can’t bend the pages? But on the other hand, why am I wasting trees on items I’m, in all likelihood, not going to read again? I’m also a commuter, which means that, much like a turtle, I carry all of my possessions on me at all times. My work bag has a lot of stuff in it: shoes; lunch bag; my purse; an umbrella (if I’m feeling especially prepared) and my book. I don’t have room for two books, especially if one of them is a hard cover. But now, I can carry one book and, um, Barnes & Noble’s entire catalog. Yay me!

Since I’m still in the first few days as a Nook owner, I don’t really know what to think of it yet. For one thing, I have no idea what page I’m on right now. I don’t know what the translation from Nook pages to regular pages are but it can’t be one for one. Maybe more like three to one? I also have to take my glove off to work the pages, which is kind of annoying. Besides being able to buy a book whenever I feel like it (and as the great Jen Lancaster says, without the benefit of pants), I love that there’s also a Nook app for my phone. One thing I said to Mr. Wonderful when I first started looking at eReaders last year was that I wish I could fold it up, put it in my pocket and take it to the bathroom at work. (Don’t judge me.) NOW I CAN! I can also take it on the shuttle between offices, which is nice. I can also play Sudoku when I feel like it. I also really like the Lend Me feature, if only I can figure out who amongst my friends have both Nooks and libraries I’m interested in.

The other cool thing about the Nook is that it has a fully-functioning web browser. This has been especially helpful when I’m cooking. Since 99% of my recipes come from the internet, having this little guy has been a lot easier than 1.) dragging Lappytoppy into the kitchen to take up precious counter space, 2.) asking Mr. Wonderful to read me the directions from the couch or 3.) running back and forth between the kitchen and the living room. The box doubles as a stand, which I initially scoffed at, but now love.

Overall, I’m a happy Nook owner. I won’t say goodbye to books forever, but it is nice to have options.

About Tara Salvi

I'm a 30 year old woman living and working in the 'burbs.
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