It’s a Twofer

At the ripe young age of 28, while on my honeymoon, I had the best meal I have ever eaten. Ever. We were in San Francisco at the 21st Amendment. Before leaving for Wine Country, we did a little bit of a beer tour and our first stop was this brewery/restaurant, in hopes for Monk’s Blood on tap. I ordered a pork tenderloin, which I never ever do. I’m not really the biggest pork fan, but this one was served with bacon and onion spaetzle, of which I am a big fan. It was calling to me from its place on the entrée menu. Everything about it was perfect. I asked them if I could go into the kitchen and learn how to make it, but they said no. (I told them that I am a culinary school graduate, but still no.) Ever since then, my eyes have been opened to this whole new world.

The pork tenderloin recipe I made today is actually nothing like the one in San Francisco. This one is something I just found online. It’s basically pork tenderloin soaked in apple sauce. You can’t go wrong there. The crappy thing about this recipe (if you can say that) is that you’re supposed to soak the tenderloin in apple juice for a half hour and then it takes forty minutes to cook, which makes this a weekend-only food. We also have leftovers because you can’t really buy a tenderloin for two. We thought it would be healthier if we used apple sauce instead of the recommended apple pie filling, but it turned out not to be that big of a calorie or carb savings. Each serving was less than 300 calories and only 7 grams of fat. We also added apple slices to the top, just for fun. The tenderloin turned out moist and delicious without being too sweet. I thought the pecans were a little soggy, so I might toast them next time. I also think that maybe cranberries would be better than raisins, but I think that’s just a preference thing. Anyway, we’d totally make it again (maybe for company even)!

This is what it looked like for us:

We bought too many apples. Since they were already cut, we did the only thing that any respectable family with puff pastry sitting in their freezer would do – found a strudel recipe. I love it when you have all the requirements for a recipe on hand! I burned the cinnamon on this one so it doesn’t look that great but the filling (which is just apple, sugar and raisins) is delicious! I’ve never made a strudel before and this one is kind of cheating with the pre-made puff pastry. Good news, friends. If you want me to bring a dessert to a party, I can bring strudel. Everyone wins!

It will look like this (except maybe I won’t burn the cinnamon again):

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I'm a 30 year old woman living and working in the 'burbs.
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