The Countdown is On

See??? (I wanted this to be an awesome countdown clock, but alas, WordPress doesn’t accept Java. Boo!)

I know it’s early, but I think Black Friday is my 4th most favorite day of the year (Birthday, Easter, Christmas, in case you were wondering). I love everything about it: the pre-game strategizing; dressing in layers; loading up on hot chocolate; waiting in line; talking to your soon-to-be competitors; getting annoyed with the other people in line. All for that one moment when the store manager opens the door and gets the hell out of the way. Last year, Mr. Wonderful (on his first Black Friday adventure this side of the retail counter) and Ben and I were second in line at Kohl’s, right after a pregnant woman and her sisters, whom we convinced to buy us hot chocolate. When the doors opened, we booked it like crazy people to the toy department and went to town. Even though we were in line for over an hour, I think it’s the fastest we’ve ever done Kohl’s. Honestly, I can barely remember the rest of the day, except that both boys fell asleep in the McDonald’s parking lot.

There are lots of reasons that Black Friday gives me hope for the future. Sometime in high school, Christmas became more about picking out the right thing for someone than getting the right thing. I take “the more I save, the more I spend” approach to gift-giving, so I get to pick out lots of things. That’s the fun part. It cuts down on the desperate shopping towards the end of December. The optimist in me also thinks that all these people spending money early is really going to buoy the economy this year. As you can see, that worked well last year.

I scope out the ads early on GottaDeal. So far, the only ads to be released are ones I don’t care about. The ads are late this year, which makes me nervous. Stores are having really good sales now to extend the season. But how do I know if they’re good until I can see the ads? I budget and plan for a living. The fact that we’re 21 days away isn’t doing much for my planning mojo. Do I start at Kohl’s or Target this year? I don’t know! But when that first major ad is posted, you will hear a big “Whoop!” from me. Wherever you are…

About Tara Salvi

I'm a 30 year old woman living and working in the 'burbs.
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