Not on My Feet

What are these? I saw two pairs yesterday on the T. I spend a lot of time looking at shoes during TCFH. Shoes fall into three categories: Cute, Cute but Not for Me, and Someone Lost Their Job for These. You can guess what category these are in. I don’t even know what type of shoe this is. My rule for sandals is that they have to leave more than 50% of your foot exposed. I don’t think these fit that definition. (Exception: hiking sandals, which fall in the Performance category and should never be worn off trail. Certainly not with socks and a dress, as I saw last week.)

What was the defined need for these? “I want my toes to be cool in the summer, but I really hate my ankles.” Were there people running around with flip-flops and sock cuffs before some designer saw a gap in footwear offerings? Did I miss an Oprah special on the deficiencies of summer footwear?

To footwear designers everywhere: I’ve been suffering through Gladiator Sandals for years, even though no one’s foot should ever be that flat. That wasn’t enough for you? Can we get back to basics here? I’m not interested in any “sandal” that I have to zipper. How about we work on that for next summer?

About Tara Salvi

I'm a 30 year old woman living and working in the 'burbs.
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