The Good News is We’re Famous…

Thanks to a frustrating hour (no joke) on the phone with Verizon Wireless where “Ricky” actually told me to act like an adult. (Yes, from a guy whose name ends in a y.) Bottom line: the thing Verizon Wireless told me I could keep got erased from my plan completely and now I’m being charged twice as much for text messaging and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It’s my reward for being such a loyal customer actually. See, my text messaging plan was from the early days of text messaging and, as a reward for my 6+ years of loyal service, I can get that taken away and not put back when I change from an individual plan to a family plan. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

My very articulate husband wrote into The Consumerist, where we got a basic response of “That sucks. It’s happened to some guy I know and their systems literally cannot put it back.” My favorite comment is the one which says, “Comcast may be the reigning champion of “Worst Company in America,” but I think that Verizon deserves a rematch.” QFT. (As an aside, we’d already had to call Comcast that night for our shoddy internet connection. We have clearly angered the gods of commerce.)

What I’d really like now is for someone to waive the early termination fee and I can take my business elsewhere. After we changed our plan, we got stuck with a one-year agreement that we’ve got, oh, 51 weeks left on. At least this happened before I upgraded my phone this week.

The bad news is: One more year with my Blackberry? Noooooo!

About Tara Salvi

I'm a 30 year old woman living and working in the 'burbs.
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One Response to The Good News is We’re Famous…

  1. Danielle says:

    This does suck. Comcast sucks. And AT&T sucks too. I don’t think there are actually any good companies out there. Could it be possible that we are at their mercy? Now, only if I could carry on like before I had a cell phone, in 1998.

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