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Not on My Feet

What are these? I saw two pairs yesterday on the T. I spend a lot of time looking at shoes during TCFH. Shoes fall into three categories: Cute, Cute but Not for Me, and Someone Lost Their Job for These. … Continue reading

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Look Both Ways

Apparently there are only two people in the whole hospital I work in who know how to add a department in our budget software. I know this because I need two new departments added and both of the people who … Continue reading

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The Good News is We’re Famous…

Thanks to a frustrating hour (no joke) on the phone with Verizon Wireless where “Ricky” actually told me to act like an adult. (Yes, from a guy whose name ends in a y.) Bottom line: the thing Verizon Wireless told … Continue reading

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Book Contest

There’s one thing that this blog is not for and that’s commercialism. However, when authors want to give out free books, I will fully support them. Since The Commute From Hell (TCFH for short) is only made better by a … Continue reading

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